The Carpool Files is a wonderful resource for anyone with young children! This practical, hands-on guide to parenting offers a unique perspective because it is written by a mother with a background in education. Mrs. Vary illustrates how parents can best help their children to learn and grow by implementing the very same principles used by successful classroom teachers – structure, planning, consistency… and lots of patience! This book is a quick-read and arranged in a user-friendly format, allowing parents to easily locate topics that apply to their child’s developmental stage. I highly recommend it!

-Lisa N.

There are so many fond memories I have of Karen growing up, like playing “teacher.” Lining up our teddy bears and pretending that they were our students. Playing “house” was another staple and Karen always insisting on being the mommy. It’s funny that your childhood has a way to predict the future. I didn’t know then, but I realized later, that those two things would be Karen’s greatest gifts. In this book, she uses her creative teaching ideas along with her enthusiastic spirit of being mom to give advice on how to get through these tough “preschool” years. Her innovative ideas are practical and easy to implement. This is a quick, easy to read book that will make you feel inspired.

-Katie P.

“Carpool Files lays out an instructive road map for navigating the younger years of child rearing. As Karen shares her trials, tips, and traditions, you will feel inspired to test drive new strategies in parenting. Authentic . . . humorous . . . encouraging!”

– Sarah S.

If you are a mom like me who needs help keeping it all together with your toddlers then this book can definitely help.
A very easy and fun read from a mom and a teacher that has great methods which guide you in the right direction. She covers a variety of topics from avoiding tantrums, to sharing toys, picky eaters, good manners, potty training, and lots more.
As almost all of us do, there are times I question my parenting. Karen puts your doubts at ease with her approaches to everyday toddler challenges.

-Viktoriya S.