How many times last week did your child do something crazy that made you think you aren’t cut out for this whole parenting thing?


If you’re anything like me, being embarrassed by your child happens way more often than you would like to admit.


What if you had a comprehensive set of effective strategies for raising your preschooler with love, while effectively managing their behavior and encouraging positive growth and development?


I would like to share with you the lessons I have learned from parenting my children, combined with the skills I honed in my years as a teacher.  This book is filled with techniques to help you along your journey to becoming a better parent.


After reading this book, you will be ready to:


  1. Stop public meltdowns and tantrums before they start
  2. Host a play-date where your child willingly shares with others
  3. Trust your child on outings to stay safe
  4. Get your child to bed on time and have them stay there
  5. Soothe and overcome anxiety and common fears
  6. Serve a healthy dinner without a fight
  7. Eat in a restaurant peacefully with your child
  8. Establish authority, teach boundaries, and manage behavior
  9. Drop diapers
  10. Motivate your little one to go to the potty consistently
  11. Identify developmental milestones and acheive learning objectives
  12. Make learning fun with age-appropriate engaging activities
  13. Transform self-centered attitudes into a caring heart
  14. Encourage character development


The book is available for purchase today, for the special value price of $7.99 at for the print version and $3.99 for the kindle version:



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It is my pleasure and mission to provide Moms like you and me with this encouraging and informational resource and if you are not fully satisfied with your book purchase for any reason, we are happy to refund the full purchase price.