I am a southern girl, who loves biscuits and sweet tea. I grew up singing Jesus Loves Me and the NC State fight song.  Technically, I am a middle child, but only by three minutes, since I am a twin. I am a big fan of cool fall days, cuddling up with a warm mug of hot apple cider, wearing my fuzzy pink robe and slippers.  I am a wife to a man who has ten times more patience than I do, and we feel so blessed to have a little girl who is five and little boy who is three.  My world revolves around princess dresses, toy trucks, Goodnight Moon, and endless hugs and kisses.  I could spend hours on a beautiful sunny day swinging with my son, who still climbs up in my lap to share the “big kid swing” in our backyard.  I am a proud Mommy listening to my little girl sound out words, reading sentences about “Nat the Cat”.  My heart melts when my son, out of the blue, tells me he loves me, and I adore watching my daughter in her pink little apron become my sous-chef, begging for more “lady time” with her Mommy.  My husband is my best friend and we enjoy chatting about our hopes and dreams in the evening by candlelight on our screen porch, listening to the crickets and staring up at the stars.  Those beautiful shining specs in the sky reassure me that, even though many days may feel very long when parenting young children, the years are way too short.  The tiny lights remind me to cling to the bright moments in a sometimes dark world, helping me find happiness and peace during these crazy preschool years.

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My love for working with kids began early in life.  I started babysitting when I was 14, taught in vacation Bible schools, got a job teaching swim lessons, became a swim coach, and went to college to pursue education.  Being a teacher was my lifelong dream.  I have always been passionate about helping others grow, both academically and developmentally.  While teaching, I learned structure, planning, and consistency are proven to be very effective in managing children and have adapted them into parenting my kids.  I am not anyone special.  I don’t pretend to be an expert and have all the right answers.  I struggle with parenting like you do.  My spirited child keeps me on my toes and reminds me that I am not a perfect mom.  I am a teacher by trade, with a mom’s heart, who wants to give other parents reassurance that their challenges are normal, and to provide some guidance to help get through the difficult phases.  I want to share with you some extra tools for your parenting toolbox that I have learned through the years by making mistakes, learning from others, and using my teaching instincts. So, whether you’re toting your kid to and from school, sitting at home enjoying a cup of coffee (at bedtime, of course), or standing outside taking a much needed break while your kids are knocking down the door, let me join you on your journey through the ups and downs of parenting.