How to Keep the Lights on When the Power is Out?

Two weeks ago we lost power. There was a lot of wind, which must have knocked down some power lines. Thankfully, we had just sat down to dinner, so I wasn’t really worried. At dinner we had to have a brief power outage lesson entitled “If is yellow, let it mellow” since we can’t flush in our house when we lose power because we are on well water. Following dinner, life without power was a fun adventure, until it got dark. We have a huge candle collection, but when it was time for bed, and flashlights were needed, we had a problem! I discovered only ONE flashlight. That was an issue, considering I had two children who wanted some light in their dark bedrooms. It was an interesting evening, but we made it work. The night concluded with my daughter’s heavy breathing next to me, as she dozed off to sleep.

The next day I went and bought more flashlights and a battery-charged lantern. Days later, in the shower, where I do all my best thinking, I came up with an idea I thought I would share. If you are ever are in the same situation, and need a lasting nightlight, try using a glow stick. Those things tend to last for hours and they aren’t too bright. So, note to self, keep some glow sticks in the flashlight drawer along with more than one flashlight!