The Do-It-All!

Before Roku, On Demand, and DVR’s, rainy days at the beach consisted of watching midday cable television, which meant lots of infomercials. One weekend when I was young, I remember watching an infomercial multiple times for a product called “The Do-It-All.” According to the spokesperson the gadget was a must-have! We were either really bored or the man on TV was really good at his job, because he hooked my twin sister. She loved the product and thought it was the best invention ever!

The environment we live in today has created this “Do-It-All” mentality. Mom’s feel as though they must embody a “Do-It-All,” and if they don’t then they may fail at being a mom, a wife, an employee, a friend, etc. So, for working moms that means your lunch break will be consumed with scheduling Mommy-and-Me classes along with every other developmentally appropriate activity you can possibly jam in to your weekly schedule, all while you are trying to eat, possibly pump if you are breastfeeding, and catch up on your emails. After work, you will fly home wondering what delicious and nutritious meal can be thrown together in 5 minutes. Now, as for you stay- at-home moms, the world has made you think a “Do-It-All” mom should have a neat and tidy home, kids should be taken on daily play dates, naptimes should be spent crafting and blogging, and every evening your husband should walk in to a house filled with a wonderful aroma coming from the kitchen and a freshly baked dessert cooling on the counter.

I realize this 1950’s portrayal is a bit exaggerated, but there are women in today’s world that feel this pressure. For heaven sakes, I know I have felt it before and I have absolutely no reason to feel this strain, but still managed to get caught up in this “Super Mom” mindset. I would love to kiss my husband when he walks in from work, feeling proud that my house is in order, the kids calmly playing in the living room, and a warm meal ready and waiting for all of us to enjoy. However, many evenings I am microwaving something someone else prepared, yelling at the kids to stop fighting over the Marshall Paw Patrol, and hardly looking up to acknowledge my husband’s arrival. I am not a “Do-It-All” mom and I never will be! It has taken me a long time to accept this fact, but now that I have, I am a lot happier.

Being a “Do-It-All” mom will only steal your joy. Start accepting that the picturesque family doesn’t exist and neither does the perfect household. Allow yourself grace, filling your world with words of affirmation and people who accept that you can’t do it all. If Katie had spent her hard earned allowance on the “Do-It-All” or opened it on Christmas morning (which we did joke about), that appliance wouldn’t have given her a bit of satisfaction, only a lot of disappointment!