Parenting Young ChildrenWith a Teacher's Perspectiveand a Mom's Heart

Welcome to the Carpool Files

The Carpool Files originated while sitting in the carpool line at my then three-year-old daughter’s preschool for the millionth time, realizing I wanted something to read to distract me from my son who was banging away at his toy computer. Wheels turning in my head, it dawned on me, I realized maybe I could write something about my noisy world that may put a smile on someone’s face, an idea in their brain, and may even be therapy for their soul. So, the idea was born and I wrote my first book in the Carpool Files series, Parenting Young Children With a Teacher’s Perspective and a Mom’s Heart. My hope is for you to read the book and enjoy a LAUGH, delighting in the humorous and very relatable tales; feel EMPOWERED by educating yourself with insightful tips that are drawn from a  teacher’s perspective and could make your life easier; be INSPIRED by reading heartwarming stories; and feel a sense of COMMUNITY by learning parenting techniques that have worked for other moms.